Sea Gardener

Extract from her About page:

Marie Power has been running seaweed workshops and events on wildlife for several years on a voluntary basis. Her professional background is in management and training consultancy. She decided to follow her interest in nature and now runs workshops on a regular basis.

Our healthy 45g bars come in 2 flavours – Almond & Orange and Coconut & Lime.

They have 12% protein and natural sugars -. Grape juice concentrate, raisins, chocolate. Other ingredients include oats, free range eggs, hemp flour, milled linseeds & chia seeds, fresh citrus juice & oil, and of course, seaweed.

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Beechlawn Organic Farm

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Beechlawn Organic Farm is a business partnership that was conceived and has been developed by husband and wife, Padraig Fahy and Úna Ní Bhroin.

In the polytunnels we have: courgette, cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, and root fennel. In summertime we grow: scallions, celery, peppers, french beans.

Outside we grow: beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celeriac, kale, lettuce, onions, parsnips, potatoes, romanesco, and turnips.

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Achill Mountain Lamb

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Achill Mountain Lamb is the exclusive product of Calveys Farm Abattoir & Butchers on Achill Island and refers specifically to Mayo Blackface Mountain Lambs born and reared in their Achill habitat, the sea misted heather hills and mountains of Achill Island and raised solely on a natural diet of herbs, heathers, grasses ,mosses and lichens, then traditionally butchered & bespoke-crafted in Calveys Abbatoir & Butchers, Keel, Achill, Co. Mayo.

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Only Gluten Free

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Welcome to, where you will find the world’s best and Irelands largest range of Gluten Free Products.

We are a Cork based Company. We have had first hand experience of Coeliac Disease including members of our team, family and friends.

In recent years it’s become easier to find Gluten Free food. All too often though “Gluten Free” also means “taste free” and even “nutrition free”, but there are great gluten free products … if you can find them! It’s difficult so sometimes that means settling for second best. We don’t do second best.

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BiaBox is the trading arm of GET Local. GET Local (GET stands for Generating Enterprise Together) is a social enterprise established to create working platforms that enable a new generation of entrepreneurs to create strong and resilient communities.

BiaBox is an online ordering low carbon home grocery delivery service, which will provide a full cost competitive grocery solution to members, sourced as much as possible from local and organic producers and manufacturers. BiaBox connects consumers with fresh, affordable and healthy produce, to their home or workplace, via our efficient electric cargo trike delivery vehicle.

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Chocolate Garden

Extract from their About us page

The business began in 2001 in Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow, and we sold our waffles under theWicklow Fine Foods brand. Soon after, it diversified into chocolate spreads and handmade chocolates for the speciality food market.

In 2009, we moved from our premises in Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow to our new premises at Rath, Tullow, County Carlow (however, we’re still in Co. Wicklow on the map!).

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Sprout & Co

Extract from their About section

At Sprout we focus our energy on providing our customers with the most nutritionally dense cold pressed juices.

We have spent considerable time creating juices that are not only tasty but pure, unprocessed and carefully sourced. We have a fantastic relationship with our vegetable suppliers which has helped us to consistently source the best local produce.


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Kerry Fish

Extract from their About us page

We are a family Seafood business based in Caherciveen, Co Kerry on the South West coast of Ireland. Kerryfish was started in 1960 and continues to be managed by Michael Quinlan and his three Sons, Liam Quinlan, Ronan Quinlan and Fintan Quinlan.

We supply the finest sustainable seafood from Ireland’s west coast to customers all over the world and we are proud of our reputation for fresh fish and the very best Wild,Organic and Superior Irish Smoked Salmon.

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Comeragh Mountain Lamb

Extract from their About us page:

William Drohan is currently farming in Comeragh, Co Waterford where he lives with his wife Bridget and young family. 

The animals roam free range over extensive areas of mountain. They graze over a much broader and more varied landscape than the lowland varieties. On the mountains, they eat grasses, herbs, wild flowers, heathers and drink natural spring water, all free from chemicals and pesticides. Due to this fact they have significantly more omega 3 fatty acids in their tissues than average lamb. Our lamb is prepared locally by an artisan butcher and is dry aged for ten days. 

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Wyldsson Elite Nutrition

Extract from their About us page:

We use only the very best ingredients, from all around the world… such as Organic Persian Mulberries, Californian Pomegranate, Guayan Mango and Organic Goldenberries all the way from Columbia.

Our customers include pro footballers and rugby players, olympians, pro golfers and sailors. But most are just regular, enlightened folks looking for healthier, better tasting foods.

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Maria Lucia Bakes

Extract from their About us page

Recently, a friend with a gluten intolerance stayed with us. We spent a whole day, experimenting (chatting, laughing and drinking endless cups of tea !) and trying out new flavours, tasting lots of yummy combinations of fruits, honey, vanilla, nuts and seeds until we created the very best granola recipes. She was delighted to eat what she called ‘real food’ again.

I’m so happy to make luxury, gluten free food affordable, so that everyone can enjoy, with their friends and family.

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Leaves Pure Food

Extract from their About us page

Leaves is a family business run by Nico, an Italian professional chef, and Sabine, a Dutch health researcher.

Our first line of products is a first in the world range of Artisan Pasta, wheat-free, made with organic Irish wholegrains combined with gourmet ingredients like truffle, seaweed or hempseeds. We make it following the italian tradition and we slow dry it at low temperatures to preserve its texture and nutrient value. 

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Bite To Savour

Extract from their About page:

We source locally produced artisan foods that are carefully selected by our tasting team and send them to you through a variety of BitetoSavour subscriptions, so you can experience and discover new flavours and products throughout the year. We are also dedicated in helping passionate small producers get products onto the market.  

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The Cookie Jar

Extract from their About page:

Since 2006 our home-based bakery near Clonmel in Tipperary has been delivering award-winning, freshly-baked homemade treats to specialty cafes throughout Ireland’s Southeast.
What makes our goodies so special? Small batches, authentic, time-tested recipes, quality Irish ingredients

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Wild Irish Sea Veg

Extract from their About page:

Established by Gerard and Eileen Talty, the family has vast experience in the seaweed industry going back many years. Gerard’s dad Michael Snr was a purchaser for Irish marine products in the early 1960s through to the 1980’s. All seaweeds used by the company are 100%, hand harvested, air and sun dried to ensure the finest quality sea vegetables make it to the marketplace.

The company began in 2009 with just two products Dillisk and Carrageen. Today there are over fifteen in the range: from the well-established and ever popular Dillisk, to the delicious Atlantic Wakame; but also the sumptuous Sugar Kelp and the energetic Kombu. Sushi lovers will appreciate the quality Nori and the pasta lover can indulge in some Sea Spaghetti.

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Goatsbridge Trout Farm

Extract from their About Page:

The Story of Goatsbridge begins over 800 years ago back in 1180, when the Monks of Jerpoint Abbey near Thomastown, Co Kilkenny fished in the fast flowing waters of The Little Arrigle River in the heart of The Nore Valley. In 1961 this river gave life to the creation of our first fish ponds; running through our lands it now forms the heart of one of Irelands best known trout farms. 

In 1990 the second generation of our family continued to develop the farm and in 2010 a state of the art processing and  packaging facility was added to the farm to further ensure the quality of the trout produced on the farm.

Eat Trout is our retail brand. With a range of fresh, smoked and BARBEQUED trout to choose from, there is something to suit everyone. 

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The Truffle Fairy

Extract from their About Page:

The Truffle Fairy was set up in 2005 by award winning chef Mary Teehan. After years of cooking and travel experience Mary brings a uniquely fresh approach to chocolate truffle making.

Truffle Fairy hand makes high quality chocolate truffles, fudge, bars, chocolate eggs and cakes. Carefully chosen fine flavour couverture is paired with fresh spices and quality liquors to create some wonderfully unique and tasty chocolates.

We only use the highest quality, locally sourced and organic ingredients when available to make our products.

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Mileeven Honey

Extract from their About Page:

Mileeven Fine Foods was established in 1988 by Eilis Gough from a hobby of beekeeping. Pure Irish Honey was our first product and still remains an integral part of our product offering today. Now run by Eilis and her daughter Sarah, Mileeven Fine Foods continue to offer exciting new, high quality products to our customers. Our range includes Organic Honey, Single source honeys like Manuka 10+ and Manuka 15+, Organic Preserves, Fruit Cakes, Christmas puddings, brandy butter,cranberry & port sauce and authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

We now supply worldwide and are products are stocked in renowned stores like Harrods and Selfridges. We also supply award winning chef, Neven Maquire.

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Newgrange Gold

Extract from their About Page:

Newgrange Gold Rapeseed and Camelina Oil is grown and produced on our farm in the heart of the Boyne Valley, Co. Meath. Our rapeseed and camelina is grown using the best tillage techniques, even our bees assist in the pollination of our crop.

When we cold press our rapeseed and camelina we create the finest oil, high in essential fatty acids – omega 3, 6 and 9 and low in saturated fat. Our oil is 100% traceable because we grow, press and bottle it entirely on our farm.

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Stript Snacks

Extract from their About page:

Living in South Africa, Ross McDowell came across biltong as a mouthwatering local delicacy. He also discovered it was the perfect, natural fuel for his adrenaline-packed lifestyle; from scaling the famous Table Mountain to tackling the Cape’s unforgiving surf.

Upon returning to his native Ireland, Ross’ adventures continued, this time in the kitchen; experimenting with real Irish beef, flavour combinations and perfecting drying techniques to bring you Stript, a natural, high-protein source of fuel for the active and adventurous.

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Seagull Bakery

Extract from their About page:

The Seagull Bakery is a small artisan bakery based in Tramore, Co Waterford which specialise in sourdough bread. Sarah Richards is the owner and sole baker of this seaside micro bakery. All breads are hand crafted using unbleached additive free flours, and quality local ingredients. We use Marriages strong flours, Doves rye flours, and Irish Atlantic sea salt from the Bear peninsula Co Cork.

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Rebel Chilli

Extract from their About page:

Started in 2009, Rebel Chilli was the brainchild of Ken Moore. Having lost his job during the Great Recession, his passion for hot sauce spurred him to experiment with recipes at his local farmers market in Cork.

With the signature ‘Red Chilli with Lemongrass and Ginger’ a crowd favourite and now award winning product, the Rebel Chilli range would develop the fantastically hot ‘Chillionaire’ and the deliciously sweet ‘Jalapeno and Raspberry Jelly’.

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AlgAran Seaweed

Extract from their About page:

Before the monks made this island an oasis of prayer and meditation in the sixth century the possibility of living here was practically zero: rock and limestone, little soil between one limestone slab and the next and insufficient possibilities for cultivating a field and raising livestock.

The small quantities of soil were extracted from the fissures between the stones and mixed with sand and seaweed.

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Foods of Athenry

Extract from their About page:

In bringing up our own family we firmly believed that ‘good food promotes good health’, so we took great care in preparing our own breakfasts, lunchbox snacks and treats. When this way of life turned into a business, we applied that same simple rule to all our delicious products – whether they be VEGAN , GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE, or not.  

We know we are doing a good  job as our many happy and satisfied customers tell us so. The very clever people at Blas na hEireann, McKenna Food Guides, Georgina Campbells IRELAND, Good Food Ireland and at the Great Taste Awards also tell us so …  often.. !

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Delicious Bakery

Extract from their About page:

Delicious the Gluten Free Bakery is one of Ireland’s largest specialist bakeries. Denise O’ Callaghan set up the bakery after her father was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. Delicious bakes everything by hand to ensure excellent quality and taste using the best ingredients.

We are full endorsed by the Coeliac Society of Ireland.

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Seymours Biscuits

Extract from their About page:

Our family farm lies 8km east of Bandon town in West Cork from where our dairy herd supplies milk to the local co-op. The beginning of Seymour’s biscuit bakery stemmed from the intention to use the butter made from our cow’s milk in the production of artisan biscuits. This is a unique feature of our biscuits. 

We make both sweet and savoury biscuits – all with butter freshly delivered from the nearby co-op. We make in small batches and cut the dough entirely by hand. We are adamant that the biscuits are as traditional as possible but with a contemporary twist.

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Green Saffron

Extract from their About page:

Green Saffron is a multi-award-winning family business based in Cork, Ireland. We passionately produce stunning spice blends, sauces and chutneys from spices sourced by family members in Moradabad, India. We proudly call Arun our ‘Head Masaalchi’, our resident spice-expert.

We’re all about fresh spices – ours travel at top-speed from partner farms in India, making the trip from ‘source to sauce’ in just 8 weeks. Spice innovation for aspirational flavour results. Absolutely everything we do is underpinned by our main mantra of ‘fast, fresh and healthy’.

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Good Food Ireland

Extract from their About page:

Good Food Ireland, Ireland’s premium food experience is a collection of leading restaurants, hotels, cookery schools, shops, pubs, cafes  and food producers passionately committed to local Irish food, highlighting Ireland’s food culture.

Founded by Margaret Jeffares in November 2006 it is a unique trusted resource for good food holidays, eating out, learning to cook or for buying the very best Irish food produce. 

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Crowe Farm

Extract from their About page:

From farm to fork our range of artisan bacon products are managed or sourced by a member of the Crowe family.

On our farm all our oudoor reared pigs are hand reared by John Paul Crowe before being processed by TJ Crowe in our state of the art family butchery and from there delivered to our customers all over Ireland. Crowe’s Farm delicious, handmade, artisan bacon.

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Connemara Smokehouse

Extract from their About page:

Family owned and run by the Roberts Family since 1979, Connemara Smokehouse is the oldest smokehouse in Connemara and one of the oldest in Western Ireland. We are one of the few remaining smokehouses still specialising in smoking wild Atlantic Salmon.

Since 1998, we’ve also made ‘organically grown’ Irish salmon an important part of our production. Graham and Saoirse Roberts personally manage every aspect of the business—from selecting and obtaining the best quality Irish salmon and seafood, to preparing, smoking, packaging, and delivery. Graham hand-fillets each fish—a treat to watch if you’re ever on a smokehouse tour—and has become a fervent and passionate crusader of just how delicious smoked salmon—done properly—can and should be.

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Made To Savour

Extract from their About page:

We began by visiting food and craft makers in our native Kilkenny, and then speciality shops, farmers markets and craft fairs around Ireland, to find the best produce available. We met the individual artisans (and often their families), got to know their business, and where the fit was right, agreed to work together.

We then set about pairing or grouping together complementary items to create the perfect gift packages, each one of them guaranteed Irish and genuinely local. Our intention was to deliver a tasty and lasting gift experience.

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Chez Emily

Extract from their About page:

Chez Emily was established in 1996 by Ferdinand Vandaele & Helena Hemeryck. After gathering experience in the land of chocolate (Belgium) they decided to start their own artisan chocolate outlet. They named the business after their daughter Emily.

We select our raw materials very carefully and we use only the freshest ingredients. The chocolate couverture we use is CALLEBAUT from Belgium and is rated among the best worldwide.

All our recipes, which are family recipes, are prepared with the best of Irish ingredients sourced as locally as possible.

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Roscommon Chocolate Company

Extract from their About page:

Roscommon Chocolate Company is the brain child of it’s founder, Karen Gordon – a lover of chocolate from childhood, whose professional interest was unexpectedly kindled in 2001 while on assignment in Paris. In Paris, the local chocolaterie is as much a part of the neighbourhood as the pub is in Ireland.

The journey of discovery began in 2008 when she founded Roscommon Chocolate Company. Karen studied with world-class pastry chefs and chocolatiers in both Europe and the UK, mastering each step in the complex process of manufacturing high quality chocolate.

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McGeough’s Artisan Butcher

Extract from their About page:

McGeough’s Butchers was established in 1971 by my father, Eamonn McGeough. Originally from Monaghan, Eamonn moved to England in his twenties where he worked in a butcher shop on Edgeware Road, London. 15 years later, an advert in an Irish paper advertising a shop for sale in Ougherard, Co Galway caught his interest.

From small beginnings in the West of Ireland, McGeough’s Butchers is now one of Ireland’s leading meat innovators.“Of all the younger generation of Irish butchers, James McGeough may be the most distinctive and determined”. John McKenna, Bridgestone Irish Food Guide (2007). 

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Herterich Artisan Meats

Extract from their About page:

The business was established in September 1956 by Louis Herterich and his wife Teresa at Ballymahon St, Longford Town. The Herterich family are originally from Braviera in southern Germany. The first pork butcher shop was opened in Naas, County Kildare in 1912 by Louis’s father George. Louis’s was part of a large family that spread out all over Ireland, opening shops and bringing Traditional German butchering skills with them.

Our family tradition continues today with Louis Jnr, who apprenticed himself to his father for over a dozen years before he passed away in 1995 and his wife Caroline at the helm. 

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Extract from their About page:

For nearly forty years Ummera has built up an enviable reputation for producing some of the finest smoked salmon available. We originally concentrated on smoking the Wild Atlantic Salmon which were caught by fishermen as the salmon returned from their feeding grounds in the North Atlantic.

Since 2006, when it was obvious that over-fishing was having significant effects on wild salmon stocks, Ummera has been smoking Irish organically reared salmon. Their natural flavour and texture, blended with our careful curing, and gentle smoking over smouldering oak fires ensure that you will enjoy the finest smoked salmon. 

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Bradleys Off-Licence

Extract from their About page:

A family business since 1850, Bradley’s is somewhat of a Cork institution, currently run by the 4th generation in the person of Michael Creedon (son of Mary Bradley).

Craft beer from Ireland’s micro-breweries and across the world take pride of place as we love to sell “real beer with real flavour”. We currently have in the region of 500 beers and it continues to grow.

We have an extensive “top shelf” of Irish and international whiskies and other spirits & liqueurs with a special emphasis on the more unusual and “hard to find”.

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Absolutely Organic

Extract from their About page:

Absolutely Organic is very committed to Local Organic Farmers and Growers. Our policy is to source Irish organic produce whenever possible, even if more expensive than its imported equivalent.

We work closely with the best organic farmers and growers around Leinster, mostly from within a 60 mile radius of Dublin. We have established a strong reputation as trustworthy, supportive and professional in our relationships with our suppliers. We actively support the Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association (IOFGA) in its efforts to develop the organic sector in Ireland.

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Iswari Superfoods

Extract from their About page:

Iswari Ireland is based in the picturesque town of Kinsale, Co. Cork. We are a small, dedicated team working hard to process your orders and to serve and supply the Irish market with premium Superfood Products. All Iswari chocolate bars are currently produced in Ireland,and much of the product & recipe development takes place here.

Iswari Portugal opperates a processing and packing facility for Iswari Products. The dedicated, family run team operate a strict Organic production unit, where all your Superfoods are mixed and packed, labeled and shipped.

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