This site is an attempt by me to bring together a kinda structured listing of all the places online that you can buy Irish small scale food products. With the exception of multiple retailers who don’t need the assistance of this or anyone else.

Small scale food production is hard and routes to market are tough once you get beyond the food markets which are thankfully more plentiful now. While shopping for food online is not really my personal thing I do live in Kilkenny where we have a multiplicity of great independent food retailers. Not everyone is as lucky.

This is a side project for me. More accurately a side, side project as it spawns off Biabeag which is unrelated to my day job 🙂

If I am missing someone please let me know below or on Twitter. Thanks and I hope this helps you find good food from an Irish producer.

Keith Bohanna


28th Dec – started to add circa 100 word extracts from the About pages of sites listed so that visitors to this site can get a quick context for ones they are interested in.


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